PSA: Want a money refund for a cancelled Ryanair flight you booked direct? Turn off ad-blocking in your browser before clicking the emailed link.

With ad-blocking on you’re re-directed to an irrelevant page for 3rd party bookings that asks for lots of scanned forms 😡.


Reminded today, out of the blue, of the time I found myself accidentally in the launch video for ‘Ubuntu for phones’. I think they wanted sense from @rafeblandford and let @ew4n and I join in out of sympathy.

Morning run snaps.

My contribution to the “a day in the life” photo challenge. This was taken at 09:13am on the edge of Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire, UK.

I’ve come back to micro-blogging to share things in a more lasting way than Twitter, but without the friction of writing a blog post.

Sunlight through forest trees in mist


Oooooh. How exciting!

This is my attempt at an arty photo, taken before the mist burned off in the forest this morning.


New coffee day ☕ 🎉

Opening the @pharmaciecoffee Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón from Mexico today. Tasting notes are “Pomegranate juice and golden raisin notes with a Nutella body and finish”.

🏃‍♂️ Dammit … 20secs off my best.

Didn’t know about this… Press and hold iOS ‘Do no disturb’ button for options to turn it on for this location or the current diary entry.


It was clear that @rafeblandford had a nicer home office than anyone else on the Zoom call so @ew4n and I stole it when he stepped offscreen briefly… I’ve now inadvertently used it on several client calls.

I always refuse freebies from clients’ suppliers, but the nice people from Slack sent me this as thanks for some help unrelated to the day job and I’ve a soft spot for their product so… NEW COFFEE / WATER (definitely coffee) BOTTLE 😍

Knowing that a spreadsheet wasn’t updated correctly isn’t the same as a root cause analysis.

Wanted: a smart doorbell product that stops ringing when the door is opened.

Everything seems to be optimised for me being out… which I’m not much at the moment.

☕ Finishing up the @seycoffee Karo Mariam this morning - it’s been a real treat. Not sure when I’ll get any more as it’s a US import 😔

🏃‍♂️ 10 days of not running (or much exercise at all) have got me very out of shape alarmingly quickly - not great practice for my first ‘proper’ 10k soon.

So I’m going to be one of ‘those people’ that post my runs for a bit for some public accountability 😬

Twitter’s had 12 years to build-up a graph of my interests and activity… 🤦‍♂️

Alexa bringing science to a family dispute this morning…

But who is the ‘other Amazon customer’ schooling them on light wavelengths? And how can they get this right and still not handle the apostrophe character code correctly?

My Mac’s desktop now being much improved with some lovely dynamic scenery wallpaper. Also check out this team’s Aerial screensaver add-ons.

I don’t normally lust after ‘salmon’ pink dials but these copper hues and the raised numerals on this Fears watch over on Bark & Jack are 👌.

Chuffed that Coda featured my silly ☕ Coffee Tracker in their monthly newsletter.

It’s #InternationalCoffeeDay ☕ so what better time to open a new bag of Karo Mariam from Sey Coffee. Tasting notes say “peach, delicate tea and sparkling acidity” and who am I to argue… Delicious.