Apple can entice me to spend a surprising amount to eliminate the bedside cable tangle.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @squaremile San Ramon from Nicaragua today. Tasting notes are “Pear, almond, plum”.

San Ramon by Square Mile

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @chimneyfirec El Cipres from El Salvador today. Tasting notes are “Strawberry, wine gums, caramel”.

El Cipres by Chimney Fire Coffee

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @chimneyfirec Tega and Tula from Ethiopia today. Tasting notes are “Jasmine, bergamot, honey”.

Tega and Tula by Chimney Fire Coffee

Another book I’ve been looking forward to.

Need to find more reading time or learn how to absorb the words by osmosis.

NHS Covid-19 app helped reduce 2nd wave by 25%

Peer reviewed and now published in Nature journal:

we estimated that the app averted 594,000 cases out of 1.89 million cases that actually took place. In other words, contact tracing with the app reduced the second wave of COVID by a quarter

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @Volcano_Coffee Finca Marilandia from Guatemala today. Tasting notes are “Gooseberry, milk chocolate, green apple”.

Finca Marilandia by Volcano Coffee Works

🎉 💉💪

How exciting! I didn’t realise you could tag people in iMessages.

Don’t let them grind you down paper leaflet ✊

Does anyone know why AirTags are magnetic?

Bonus: They’ve started paying for themselves.

Tado Wireless Thermostat stand

Tado have now released a stand for their wireless thermostats (and wired air-con controller, but I don’t have one of those) and it looks good on a nightstand.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @Volcano_Coffee Reserve from Ethiopia today. Tasting notes are “Sweet toffee, strawberry, buttery”.

Reserve by Volcano Coffee Works

I am a simple man. So when @Volcano_Coffee email a discount code and suggest ordering, I order.

Arrived at the weekend. Nice selection.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @chimneyfirec PNG (April Discovery) from Papua New Guinea today. Tasting notes are “Gin & tonic, lemon citrus, caramel”.

PNG (April Discovery) by Chimney Fire Coffee

TIL cows aren’t interested in head-scratches but would quite like to lick your iPhone.

The child and I made Salmon En Croute and the hours of plasticine play paid off.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @chimneyfirec Gran Galope from Colombia today. Tasting notes are “Toffee, sugar cane, citrus fruit”.

Gran Galope by Chimney Fire Coffee

Colour temperatures of default Hue presets (for White Ambiance bulbs)

I couldn’t find this data for my own use so I collected it by setting my Hue lights into each of the default scenes for ‘White Ambiance’ bulbs and reading the colour temperature for each.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @kissthehippouk Arcila from Colombia today. Tasting notes are “Pineapple, mango, blackberry jam”.

Arcila by kiss the hippo

He even brought a date.

“You planning on eating all of that?”

Hooray! My @chimneyfirec coffee order arrived with a lovely handwritten note and a sticker!

Had lots of recommendations for this firm that are local to me. Long overdue order.

My stickers arrived in the UK! Thanks @jean 🙏

Simiar to this chap my warranty documentation for AirTags and accessories shows dates as far back as 2019, but the product packaging is all March and April 2021. I guess 2019 was when some of the packaging design was done?