New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @Volcano_Coffee Las Brumas from El Salvador today. Tasting notes are “Apples, stone fruit, hazelnuts”.

Las Brumas by Volcano Coffee Works

Hooray! My Volcano Coffee Works order arrived just as we completely ran out. My first order is a random selection - looking forward to trying it.

How to replace Ecamm Call Recorder with Audio Hijack for podcasting

If you’re a podcaster anxious about Ecamm Call Recorder being unsupported in future (or just unhappy with having to reinstall it after every Skype update) and all hosts are Mac users, I recommend Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack for podcasting via Zoom. Zoom can record audio itself but this approach is higher-quality and more reliable.

Each host installs Audio Hijack and configures this identical workflow:

A screenshot of an Audio Hijack workflow to record a podcast over Zoom

Some configuration notes:

  • Input Device: If your device supports multiple inputs (or stereo inputs) and you are using a normal (mono) microphone select it for both left and right channels.
  • Recorders: File format is a personal / editing workflow preference, but if you choose MP3 ensure you change ‘Bit Rate Mode’ to ‘Constant Bitrate’ as that’s what you’ll be publishing in.
  • Application: Turn off ‘Include audio input’ (or you’ll hear yourself twice) and turn on ‘Fill playback gaps with silence’.

This workflow creates 2 recordings per host: a ‘solo’ recording to give to your editor and a ‘mix-down’ of what each host heard (themselves in high quality, the other hosts in ‘Zoom quality’). You should never need the 2nd one but it’s useful when things go wrong to re-align tracks in the edit.

Note that the same audio interface should be used for microphone input and listening via headphones - this means each host can use direct monitoring to hear their own voice without the latency (delay) of routing it via your Mac, which gives a disconcerting echo effect.

We’ve now used this approach for many episodes of 361 and it’s been brilliantly reliable.

We only experienced one gotcha early on… Audio Hijack’s preferences screen lets you set audio processing on a scale between ‘low latency’ and ‘more reliable’.

A screenshot of Audio Hijack's preferences screen

Changing this (even if all hosts used the same setting) caused significant audio drift. The default (middle position) kept everything aligned for up to 90mins in our recordings. Don’t touch it.

Some follow-up questions:

Is this setup specific to Zoom? No, it should work on any video calling app, but we opted for Zoom as it works well in the regions our hosts live in and was something we all already used for other purposes.

How should I configure the audio settings in Zoom? Configure them as you would for a call that wasn’t a podcast. I leave Zoom’s audio settings as ‘Same as System’ and set the Mac to use my external audio interface in System Preferences → Sound.

What if I use a USB microphone? So long as your USB microphone has a headphone output for direct monitoring (all the popular ones do) and you use that, this will work if you select the mic as input and output.

When I start Audio Hijack I can’t hear people on the Zoom call any more, why? This workflow intercepts audio from the Zoom application and it won’t start routing it back to your audio device until recording is started. Start recording as soon as you open Audio Hijack and you’ll hear the call correctly.

Audio Hijack can do EQ, noise reduction and other clever stuff - where should I put that in this workflow? I’d recommend against that since this podcast is going to be edited later and that’s a better time to tweak things. If you also want to stream live and record, one host would add any audio clean-up and streaming blocks to the right of the mix-down track recorder.

This is a brain dump in case it helps people reading today’s news about Ecamm. Please contact me if you’ve questions - I’m happy to help if I can.

It’s difficult to context switch from podcasting to work Skype calls…

I’ve just announced to colleagues that I’d put ‘the link in the show notes’ 🤦‍♂️

Trying a new setup - 2 x 4K portrait screens switching between 2 devices. Love the excellent Aerial screensaver which plays across both. Also bias lighting is 👌 for reducing eye strain.

New Bellingcat book just landed in the post. Very excited to read it (if I can remember how to read anything linger than a tweet now).

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Boater from Honduras today. Tasting notes are “Butterscotch, Lemon Acidity, Nutty Finish”.

Boater by The Gentlemen Baristas

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @squaremile Recolectores from Colombia today. Tasting notes are “Tangerine, Honey, Dried Mango”.

Recolectores by Square Mile

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @assemblyroast Oscar Murgas from El Salvador today. Tasting notes are “Ripe stone fruits, Marzipan, Sweet”.

Oscar Murgas by Assembly Coffee

I went bowling with @danlane this evening. It was weird. Good, but weird.

Two earlier attempts with my ‘helper’.

We made a snowman!

First time I’ve seen this. Hooray for wireless charging!

Brilliant! @squaremile have switched to letterbox-friendly packaging for their subscription mail-outs. No more trips to the post office to collect 🎉

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Bowler from Kenya today. Tasting notes are “Blackcurrant, White Grape, Cherry Cola, Umami”.

Bowler by The Gentlemen Baristas

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @assemblyroast Finca Gascon from Guatemala today. Tasting notes are “Lemon curd, Orange Zest, Resinous”.

Finca Gascon by Assembly Coffee

Very excited to have captured the closing moments of the Hampshire Sheep Jumping Trials today.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @assemblyroast Shantawene from Ethiopia today. Tasting notes are “Stewed stone fruits, Blackcurrant, Concentrated”.

Shantawene by Assembly Coffee

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Top Hat from Nicaragua today. Tasting notes are “Apricot Jam, Malted Biscuits, Caramel Finish”.

Top Hat by The Gentlemen Baristas

I bought this limited edition Monteblanco as our Christmas Day coffee and it was delicious so I grabbed some more before it runs out.

Recommended and easy to brew at home (it’s filter, not espresso). @thegbswhatwhat were a brilliant discovery last year.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @hasbean Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama from Brazil today. Tasting notes are “Milk chocolate, hazelnut, red apple, toffee”.

Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama by Has Bean

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @squaremile Myin Kya Doe from Myanmar today. Tasting notes are “Black cherry, crumble, lychee”.

Myin Kya Doe by Square Mile

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @roundhillcoffee Aquiares Estate H1 from Costa Rica today. Tasting notes are “Tangerine, cane sugar, tropical, huge body”.

Aquiares Estate H1 by Round Hill Roastery

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Monteblanco Limited Edition from Colombia today. Tasting notes are “Fresh cranberry, fruitcake, cinder toffee”.

Monteblanco Limited Edition by The Gentlemen Baristas

First outing for my gift to myself today - the @hodinkee and @mercishopparis collab.

Specialty coffee and analogue watches - embracing middle-aged man lifestyle to the max 😂